Inventory management application 0.1

Handles multiple company accounts,Barcode supports inventory control systems,Thermal bill printing support,Access permission customization allowed,Touchscreen supported,Support multiple language,Customization reports,smart Data back up and Much More

Inventory management application 0.1

1. Customizable accounting and inventory with portable data
2. Easy installation and configuration : Just install package using setup file. Easy Company file creation and configuration. Creating new financial wizard helps the smooth moving to new financial year.
3. Barcode supports Inventory System
4. Touchscreen supported system
5. Thermal printer support
6. Portable Data: Company data stored in portable file, which can be included on business trips. It operates from removable disk!!. Package can operate from 64 MB flash drive also!!.
7. Easy multiple company Maintainer: Operate multiple company accounting and inventory.
8. Multi-user access: Several people can share access to the same company with their own usernames and passwords. Module level permission is simplified.
9. Smart Data Backup: Package support automatic backup, just setting backup intervals enable the automatic backup system.
10. Report Export to all format : System is provides a huge variety of customization, detailed reports that delivery into the specifics of a financial area enabling you to analyze key areas of your finances. Reports data can be exported to all known formats.
11. Multi Language Support: System support English and Kannada as of now. It can be extended based on the request


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